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With our offered services, we bring value to various sectors.
Medical Equipments
Medical EquipmentsMS Motion offers lift type gas springs, lockable type gas springs, dampers, telescopic stays for medical equipments which are being used in height-til...Details
FurnitureMS Motion offers wide range of gas springs for furniture applications. Our products are being used in sofas, beds, kitchen cabinets, desks, tables, an...Details
AutomotiveMS Motion offers lift supports as aftermarket replacement solutions for cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles and passenger transport vehic...Details
MachineryMS Motion products are being used in machinery industry with its different series of products. Hatches and lids are main usage examples in this field....Details
Marine Industry
Marine IndustryMS Motion offers Inoxlift Series for wide applications in yacht building & replacement sector. There are many large and heavy closures, companioways, ...Details
Defence Industry
Defence IndustryMilitary applications requires enduring materials which may face harsh conditions. Therefore MS Motion developed Inoxlift series gas springs which spe...Details